ORANGE PLANT NicksGardenss Premium Organic Manure (Complete Food Source)



Now with this premium series in hand its much easy to apply manure to your plants. Its so simple and easy to use that even a kid can apply. If you want to grow healthy plant without messing up your place must use this. With our busy routing we often neglect plants regular maintenance. With this premium series in hand you can now easily keep your favorite plant healthy. …


NicksGardenss Premium Organic manure ( Complete food Souce ) For ORANGE PLANT from NicksGardens. Can use on any orange variety i.e. Manderian orange, pera orange, Kumquat orange, dwarf orange etc. Have seen always people complains my potted orange plant is not fruiting well or fruit size etc and apply random fertilizer which leads to disaster. This will give your plant(s) Healthy growth, proper fruiting and less deceases since this is organic Each pack contains 2 months application for 5 plants. Just need to apply following instructions manual.

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  • 🍀 Premium Organic manure ( Complete food supplement ) For ORANGE PLANT . Specially designed for Potted Orange Plants. Its Organic and very easy to use just few seconds once at few days intervals
  • 🍀 NO NEED FOR EXPERIMENTING WITH RANDOM CHEMICALS. It will improve over-all heath of your Orange plants
  • 🍀 This will ensure ⚫Healthy Growth ⚫ Better fruiting⚫ Less decease
  • 🍀 This will improve the soil quality as well, hence for container garden less need for re-potting/resetting the soil.
  • 🍀 Very easy to apply it takes only few seconds at regular intervals. Apply following the instructions manual.
Weight40 g
Dimensions10 × 8 × 2 cm


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