NicksGardenss® Ixora Plant: Complete Food Supplement

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Even though we like a flowering ixora plant ,  for one or the other reason we don’t see them flowering and growing well  either don’t get time, don’t have proper manure, lack of knowledge about.

🍀 This is a complete solution for your Ixora Plant
🍀  This will improve over-all heath of your plants, better flowering, healthy growth, more  flowers. just don’t skip application in between.
🍀  They (Ixora )Love this slow releasing food.
🍀 Easy to Apply, No critical measurements. just follow the simple instructions manual.
🍀  With this food supplement in hand you can easily maintain your Ixora plants without worrying.

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NicksGardenss® Ixora Plant: Complete Food Supplement

🍀 NO NEED OF EXPERIMENTING WITH RANDOM FERTILIZERS. it will improve over-all heath of your ixora plants
🍀 Complete food supplement for Ixora Plants. Specially designed for Ixora Plants. Its Organic and very easy to use just few seconds once at few days intervals
🍀 This will improve the soil quality as well, hence for potted ixora less need for re-potting/resetting the soil.
🍀 This will ensure 

⚫ Healthy Growth
⚫ Enhance Flowering
⚫ More Flowers
⚫ More Intense Flower Color
⚫ Less deceases 
⚫ Stops yellowing of leafs
⚫ Stops new leaf dropping out

🍀 Each pack contains material for 3 months application for each plant.
🍀 Very easy to apply it takes only few seconds at regular intervals. Apply following the instructions manual.
🍀 the instructions manual is included in the Box. Very easy to follow step.
🍀 Each pack contains material for 2 months application for 5 plants.
🍀 This is designed at NicksGardenss specially  for Ixora Plants you can use on any variety on ixora .
🍀 Directly from source we use this on our ixora Plants . It shows great results.


Weight460 g
Dimensions12 × 15 × 3 cm

6 reviews for NicksGardenss® Ixora Plant: Complete Food Supplement

  1. Anonymous

    Im using this all the plants are healthy
    Its really easy to use as claimed.

  2. Anonymous

    All my plants are flowering

  3. Shrishti

    Good results and its easy to use I’m using this on all my plants

  4. S

    This is my 15th order good product formy plants

  5. Anonymous

    Good results thanks Nick for your help on planting my plants

  6. Anonymous

    Good for all my plants

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