Lotus Plants : Complete Food Supplement Eco Pack


Healthy growth and continues flowering, Great and amazing results. Very easy to apply no critical measurements. Just need to apply following instructions manual.

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Lotus Plant : Complete Food Supplement Eco Pack

🍀 Nicksgardenss® Lotus Plant Complete Food Supplement, organic and safe.

🍀 Each pack contains 1 months application for one plant.

🍀 Complete food supplement for lotus plants
🍀 Great Results Healthy growth and continues flowering. This is specially designed for lotus plant. With regular application of this

⚫ Plant will grow healthy leaf,
⚫ Flowers color enhanced,
⚫ More f​lowers,
⚫ Flower size.

🍀 Each pack contains material for 1  months application for one plant.
🍀 easy to apply. Just follow instructions manual.
🍀 Lotus grows in wild and flowers in season, In my experience I Have seen mostly people give-up the idea of growing LOTUS (One of the most auspicious plant of India) in their garden, in pots/container or small ponds, due to lack of knowledge about right kind of Manure and care. Mostly plant don’t grow well or you don’t get results and finally give-up. With this organic food supplement in hand you can easily grow Lotus without worrying.


Weight300 g


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