Ultimate Secret To Houseplant And Gardening

ultimate secret to houseplant and gardening.

” Plant care and gardening can be as simple as just planting and watering or as complex as… ”

Plant care and gardening can be as simple as just planting and watering or as complex as checking water parameters, soil texture, local climate, root infection, diseases etc.

just like anyone else you can start with simplest possible way and move all the way up to consistently following and checking different parameters . Why ? because you want your favorite plant / tree to have that look and appearance with flowers, fruits, good growth that you saw in a show or at someone house.

” ultimate secret to houseplant and gardening “

” Just one ultimate product that will make it… “

Most of us instead of learning, try to search and get ultimate solution…  for example ultimate fertilizer for houseplant, ultimate soil for houseplant, ultimate spray for plant care. Just one ultimate product that will make it simple… but unfortunately most of the time outcome turns into a disaster.

If you observe closely farming , gardening, seed germination, planting plant and tree, houseplant care, you will find its an act of balancing different aspects, to bring the best out of any plant or tree. Isn’t it expected to follow a guided routine, to bring out best of any thing ?  Just like us when we are learning sports or to play any instrument or any other hobby even writing a computer program.  We just keep practicing and work on the parameters which are not aligned, to get or learn that exact cord (guitar) or an algorithm(programming ) , or move (sports and dance).

ultimate secret to houseplant and gardening

” What parameters ? What all secret parameters we are talking about… “

What parameters ? What all secret parameters we are talking about…!!!

It all depends on at which level you are now… if you consider gardening skills consist of  10 levels/stage for example :-

At level 1 or 2 what you can see is fertilizer and diseases.

I will apply (ultimate) fertilizer and if they don’t die, they will grow good just like that…

At level 3-4 a little more on soil, manure and disease.

I will apply fertilizer( branded) in between and I won’t let them die.  besides this I will apply some good organic spray to control diseases. They will grow good just like that…

At level 5-7 soil, manure, climate, water, season, consistency.

” its you being aware about them… “

You see… you are becoming more aware about them. You have more parameters to check and define. Because Its not a secret its you ! being aware about them (plants) and nature.

And  7 onward you are operating at different level.  Its all part of learning.

Always remember this, “you are dealing with living elements they are alive”, as you increasingly get involve, you’ll start noticing all the signs and signals they are giving you to align and correct different aspect.

” ultimate solution to gardening or even to life… “

Ok… lets come back to where we started… simple to complex how and why …

As we all (almost all of us) know learning is a continues process… and one most important fact that we learned is… there’s no ultimate solution to gardening or even to life… Therefore just like with life, its a continues act of balancing and harmony with your surrounding and nature. Which bring out best of any plant / tree and situation right.

How to get there ? from simple to complex way of gardening and farming!!!. No you are getting it all wrong. This is how it is… you starting from scratch to reach to an amazing outcome, where if you sit in your garden/farm for even 5 minutes you’ll forget about all your tension and worries and enjoy what you have created.

” First few tips… “

First few steps would be… just STOP watching and following those ultimate crazy tips from videos.

sprinkling chemical powders, urea and phosphate dust randomly on your plant won’t bring anything good. Other day someone referred one article and insisted me “hey Nick read this one see how easy it is…”.

“Just speechless right ?… ”

If you want to learn and level up your skills.

Here’r few lines from that plant care article “pH level for ROSE Plants is 4pH -7pH and also you can grow where pH level is 7 pH-11 pH” (!!!!okay). “you can grow rose plants in full sun or also you can grow them inside your house in complete shade” ( !!hmm). Just speechless right ?

Soon We’ll be adding learning and DiY article to help you understand. If you want to learn and level up your skills apply yourself. Hands on experience is important, just reading and following the instructions mechanically is not going to help much. Try to understand the basic principles and reasons. 

May be sometime in future we will start practical sessions to give you better understanding… 

” Now can you see how parameters play important role and you skill levels… “

There are different plant types that people always want to have and spend good amount of money to get all the necessary things and accessorize (as instructed by shop keepers !). For example you bought an expensive, amazing flowering orchid, with complete believe that they will remain same. And few of us even placed it in full sun, planted it in best soil and ceramic container that one can buy, but eventually it dies. Its really disappointing right ? you did whatever was possible for you, and gave them the best…

But you did few things in wrong way…  their root needs loose material to breath… At full sun the plant dried up… may be relative humidity is too low in your zone. 

Definitely you can over come all these obstacles and grow an orchid successfully, if you know the parameters. Now can you see how parameters play important role and your skill levels as well…

” We will start with more common houseplant which we … “

Initially to start with… on improving skill levels. We will start with plants which are easy to grow and easily pleased…

Definitely we are not going with Lemongrass plant or tomato plant. How to grow lemongrass ? or tomato plant ? Though growing lemongrass or tomato plants has its own advantage and disadvantages. In near future will sure add how to plant and maintain lemongrass plant and tomato plant and few similar plant types… To start with we will go for more common houseplants… which we normally tend to grow in house as home or houseplant.

Let us know in comment few plant’s name that you want to start with…

Soon we will start adding learning and DiYs articles here…  Do let me know what you want to see here and other plants details…  we’ll sure add your suggestion.

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